Ellie Karssemakers

Project Manager

Pioneer in Large-Scale CO2 Storage in the Netherlands

To achieve the Netherlands’ climate goals, the Porthos project is being implemented. This is the first project where large-scale CO2 storage is carried out in the Netherlands. It transports and stores 37.5 megatons of CO2 from the industry in the port of Rotterdam in empty gas fields under the North Sea. The project aims to balance the industrial and ecological needs of the region.

Promoting climate objectives

First major CO2 storage project in the Netherlands

Balance between industrial and ecological needs

CO2 stored per annum
0 Mton
year life time

The journey of CO2

Ellie Karssemakers, investment manager at Rivoir, highlights the Porthos project as unique. The pipeline network, stretching approximately 30 kilometers in the port of Rotterdam, starts on the eastern side of the Oude Maas in the Botlek area. From there, it goes through the Europoort area to the compressor station on the Maasvlakte. Within this station, three compressors are used to bring the CO2 to a pressure of up to 130 bars in preparation for sea transport. From here, a pipeline of about 22 kilometers leads to the P18-A platform in the North Sea. The CO2 is then stored in the pores of the sandstone. That is the former location of natural gas.

Porthos is a unique project. It is the first time that CO2 storage in the Netherlands takes place on a large scale. And there is no standard process and project approach for that yet.

Ellie Karssemakers (Rivoir)

Project structure

The Porthos project is led by a consortium of EBN, Gasunie and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Once the necessary permits have been obtained, construction will begin with a planned operational date of 2026. Rivoir represents EBN in the Decision Support Team. They are responsible for all preparations for decision-making before a final investment decision can be made.

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