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A24 Blankenburg Connection

The A24 Blankenburg Connection is a strategic infrastructure project aimed at improving the accessibility of the economic region of Rotterdam. The project is focused on promoting livability and aims to preserve the existing nature and landscape.

Strengthening the economic region

Promoting livability

Preserving the existing nature and landscape

New Amsterdam Courthouse

The New Amsterdam Court House is an iconic project that is aesthetically and logistically challenging in its design. It provides a safe environment and working atmosphere in a location with an urban character. The synergy between technical maintenance services and facility services ensures effective quality assurance and an optimal user and visitor experience.

Quality assurance through cohesion between technical and facility services.

Safe environment and working atmosphere in a location with an urban character.

Aesthetically and logistically challenging


Sotra and Bergen form the economic heart of Norway with a thriving oil and gas industry, port activities, maritime sectors and aquaculture. The Sotra Link project is the largest contract ever awarded by the Norwegian road authority. It is also the largest public-private partnership contract (PPP) granted in Europe in 2021. Due to its size and complexity, Sotra Link is the centerpiece of the Norwegian national transport plan 2018-2029. In December 2021, the project was approved by the Norwegian parliament with an estimated investment of approximately 23.1 billion Norwegian Kroner.

Safe, fast and green travel route

International cooperation

Foundation for further development and growth in the region


Porthos is a groundbreaking initiative in which CO2 from the industry in the port of Rotterdam is collected and stored in empty gas fields under the North Sea. The collection pipe in the port area of Rotterdam is about 30 km long and extends from the east side of the Oude Maas in the Botlek area to the compressor station on the Maasvlakte. It is a crucial project for the Netherlands to achieve its climate goals.

Promoting climate objectives

First major CO2 storage project in the Netherlands

Balance between industrial and ecological needs

It is the mission of Rivoir to build a sustainable future for infrastructure, pushing boundaries and leveraging new possibilities. We are proud of the lasting impact of our projects.

Martijn Klinkhamer, oprichter van Rivoir