Our commitment to ESG in
infrastructure asset management



Rivoir recognizes the potential influence we exert on the built environment and, by
extension, on the well-being of society, the health of the planet, and the economic vitality
of the regions we serve. Our operations impact not only the functionality, quality and
efficiency of critical infrastructure but also the social fabric of communities and the
natural ecosystems surrounding our managed assets. As such, we firmly believe in
embracing the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as an integral
part of our mission and purpose.

In this ESG Manifest, we declare our commitment to conducting business with a profound
sense of purpose, integrity, and responsibility. We view our role as Infrastructure Asset
Management Service Provider not merely as a business venture but as a vital contribution
to the well-being and sustainability of our world. Through the principles outlined herein, we
seek to build a legacy of responsible infrastructure asset management that enriches lives,
safeguards the environment, and contributes to the betterment of society.

Our purpose

At the heart of our purpose lies a long-term commitment to delivering infrastructure asset
management services that facilitate sustainable, inclusive, and resilient communities
while safeguarding the environment for future generations. We believe that infrastructure
is one of the most important backbones of society, and our purpose is to ensure its vitality,
longevity, and positive impact. We understand the enduring nature of infrastructure
assets and are committed to their long-term sustainability. Our purpose is to facilitate
that the Rivoir managed infrastructure assets create this sustainable legacy by having a
lasting positive impact, contributing to the well-being of current and future generations.
This is our purpose, and we shall tirelessly endeavour to fulfill it.

Environmental stewardship

We acknowledge our duty to be diligent environmental stewards and facilitate the
reduction of the ecological footprint of the Rivoir managed infrastructure assets, mitigate
respective climate change risks, and preserve the natural habitats surrounding of the
assets. We strive to have every decision made with an understanding of its environmental
impact and work relentlessly to minimize harm.

Transition to clean energy

In alignment with global efforts to combat climate change, we strive to support the
transition to clean and renewable energy sources with the Rivoir infrastructure assets. Our
goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on our managed assets and foster a
sustainable energy future.

Community empowerment

We recognize that (social impact) infrastructure is a catalyst for community
empowerment. We strive to engage with local communities, solicit their input, and work
collaboratively to ensure that asset management decisions respect their needs, values,
and aspirations. We believe that community engagement is fundamental to achieving
positive social outcomes.

Equitable workforce

We commit to providing a work environment that fosters diversity, equality, and inclusivity.
Our purpose is to offer fair wages, safe working conditions, and opportunities for personal
and professional growth to our employees. We actively promote gender and age equality
and work towards a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Ethical and transparent governence

We uphold the principles of good governance, ethical conduct, and transparency in all
aspects of our operations. Our goal is to act with integrity, honesty, and accountability,
setting the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical behaviour. To this end
our operation and infrastructure assets that we manage are governed by our in-house
governance tool Cmore.

Regulatory compliance

Our goal is to adhere to local and international regulations, standards, and best practices.
Not only for Rivoir itself, but also the assets we manage. We view compliance not as a legal
obligation but as a moral imperative, underscoring our commitment to responsible
infrastructure asset management.


We embrace innovation and technology as essential tools for enhancing the efficiency of
the Rivoir managed infrastructure assets. We commit to facilitating development efforts
that drive progress within Rivoir operations as for the respective assets’ operations.

Economic growth

We recognize the pivotal role infrastructure plays in economic development. We aim to
facilitate economic prosperity through the Rivoir managed assets by creating job
opportunities, stimulating local businesses, and supporting sustainable economic growth
in the regions we operate.

Partnerships for progress

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. Our purpose is to forge
meaningful partnerships with governments, local authorities, NGOs, institutional investors,
debt-financiers, asset managers, developers, contractorsand other stakeholders to
achieve shared goals of sustainable infrastructure development and management.

Safe and healthy environments

We prioritize the health and well-being of the communities and individuals impacted by
the Rivoir managed infrastructure assets. Our promise is to aim that our projects promote
safe and healthy environments.

Well-being in the built environment

Our aim is to manage infrastructure assets such that they enhance the overall quality of
life. We work to facilitate environments that prioritize well-being, access to education, and
recreational spaces.


Rivoir Capital’s unwavering commitment to ESG principles in infrastructure asset
management represents a profound dedication to a better future. We aspire to leave a
sustainable legacy that positively impacts current and future generations. Through
innovation and resilience, we aim to enhance the efficiency and resilience of the
infrastructure assets we manage and our wider business.