The Rivoir Offer

Concession management

Rivoir is a management service provider and specializes in the long-term management of infrastructure projects, concessions and investments. We focus on the development, construction and management of large-scale, privately financed public infrastructure projects.


Rivoir supports infrastructure projects in achieving their ESG goals and is an experienced partner in developing ESG strategies.

Asset management

Rivoir emphasizes the long-term value of a project’s technical infrastructure. Asset management is seamlessly integrated into the overall business case.


Rivoir acts as an advisor for complex infrastructure projects and investors, where our extensive experience and expertise are used for strategic and financial support.

We represent the interests of all involved parties and ensure compliance with high quality standards. Proud of the lasting impact of our projects.

Concession management

Trusted management partner of infrastructure and concessions

Rivoir is dedicated to the comprehensive, long-term management of infrastructure, concessions, and investments. Our multidisciplinary team oversees the development, construction, financing, and management of privately-financed public infrastructure projects. Strategy, finance, technique, governance, and sustainability are central to this.

Our promise: sustainable results for the long term

What differentiates Rivoir is our independent and uniquely-structured approach. Our goal is to be a reliable and long-term partner that helps navigate the complexity of large infrastructure projects. We continuously maintain an overview and keep the interests of all stakeholders in sight. We strongly believe that this approach results in clear solutions and sustainable results for our projects and their investors.

A reliable partner in ESG

Rivoir assists infrastructure projects in their pursuit to achieve their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals. As an experienced partner in developing ESG strategies, we work closely with clients to establish clear policies and reports. Additionally, we support achieving specific ESG certifications and setting up ESG initiatives. We also offer an innovative online platform that facilitates project management, risk management and governance. Incorporated within this platform are KYC (Know Your Customer) services, ensuring efficient data management and adherence to the most rigorous standards of data privacy and security.

Setting up clear ESG policies and reports

Assistance through an online platform

Focus on obtaining ESG certifications

ESG in Rivoir's DNA

ESG principles are foundational to our approach and company DNA. These principles mirror the diversity of the projects we manage and the varying needs of our clients. We adopt an ambitious ESG policy within our organization and promote it on all our projects. We strongly believe that integrating sustainability, social interests and good governance in projects is essential for responsible long-term infrastructure management.

Asset management

Long-term value of assets

Rivoir has an independent focus on the long-term value of technical assets and integrates asset management into the total business case. We engage with the asset throughout its life cycle, from the design phase right through to renewal or eventual decommissioning. Our value-driven approach is based on a ‘total cost of ownership’ perspective, accounting for quality, availability, safety, and sustainability. We ensure that risks are judiciously managed in line with the overarching asset management vision for each project.

Experience, partnership, and performance

Rivoir’s experienced team has a proven track record in developing, implementing and executing an asset management strategy. Serving as an independent SPC, we manage the full maintenance for our projects. Additionally, we monitor performance using KPIs and utilize innovative software solutions to increase efficiency. We believe our approach ensures optimal availability and reliability of assets while integrating the interests of clients, concession holders and sustainability.



Drawing on years of experience as a management partner for complex infrastructure projects and investors, Rivoir offers advisory services on strategic issues. These include developing project strategies, crafting business cases, undertaking restructurings, and organizing project frameworks. We can also take on a director’s role. In doing so, we transparently combine project knowledge and shareholder interests.


Infrastructure projects are dynamic and any change can affect financing. Therefore,we offer support on financing challenges, guide financial restructurings, and assist with financial models focused on the operational phase of projects. This ensures transparent insights into long-term returns and up-to-date financial standings.


We also offer an innovative online platform that facilitates project management, risk management and governance. Incorporated within this platform are KYC (Know Your Customer) services, ensuring efficient data management and adherence to the most rigorous standards of data privacy and security.


The threat of cybercrime is increasing, also for performance-oriented and financed DBFM projects, where Rivoir has extensive experience. This threat can lead to sabotage, disruptions, high costs and damage to our clients’ reputation. Therefore, identifying and mitigating cyber risks is necessary. In collaboration with our partner ICT Group, Rivoir presents a distinctive methodology to tackle cyber risks within the DBFM project financing framework.The offering ranges from an initial scan to the implementation and monitoring of policies and solutions.

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