The rivoir way

Our mission

Complex, sustainable infrastructure projects require independent leadership and management. It is our mission to lead the infrastructure for future generations. Our operations prioritize societal relevance, technical prowess, sound governance, sustainability, and financial profitability. We maintain a strong bond with developers, operators and investors. Independence, transparency, perseverance and connection are therefore also our core values and these are essential for successful collaborations.

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> 0 years
project value
0 billion
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Real estate space
200000 m2

Our ambition

It is our ambition to relieve and lead investors and asset managers to maintain an overview during long-term projects. As an organization, we have both the experience and all the required competencies and systems to manage investments. With our dedicated project teams, supported by the broad knowledge in the Rivoir organization, we build bridges between the worlds of engineering, execution, sustainability and financial investments.

At Rivoir, we work transparently and independently. And always with the long-term interest in mind. This is an essential part of our culture.

Jeroen Hofstra

Our focus on sustainability

Integrating sustainability, social interests and good governance in projects is essential for responsible long-term infrastructure management. We are convinced that as an organization, we can play a crucial role in realizing these principles. We focus on reducing climate risks and associated themes such as CO2 emissions, water management, circularity, biodiversity and deforestation. We also strive for improvements in the areas of social safety, equality, inclusivity and (mental) health.

We are pioneers in the field of governance: we manage business processes and risks within long-term project financings proactively and transparently. This ensures projects are successful. Our joint ESG mission is fundamental to the value of future infrastructure projects. Together with project partners, (public) clients, investors and financiers, we strive to make those projects a success in a creative and sustainable way.

The Rivoir Offer

Investment management with a long-term vision.

Concession management

Rivoir is a management service provider and specializes in the long-term management of infrastructure projects, concessions and investments. We focus on the development, construction and management of large-scale, privately financed public infrastructure projects.


Rivoir supports infrastructure projects in achieving their ESG goals and is an experienced partner in developing ESG strategies.

Asset management

Rivoir emphasizes the long-term value of a project’s technical infrastructure. Asset management is seamlessly integrated into the overall business case.


Rivoir acts as an advisor for complex infrastructure projects and investors, where our extensive experience and expertise are used for strategic and financial support.

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