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Rivoir is an independent infrastructure manager. Rivoir develops, organizes and manages investments in large and complex infrastructure. We play an essential role throughout the duration of projects. And this way, we contribute to sustainable and economically relevant infrastructure in mobility, housing and renewable energy.

We represent the interests of all parties involved and ensure the required quality standards are met. We are proud of the lasting impact of our projects.


the Rivoir way

Large, complex and sustainable infrastructure projects require independent leadership and management in all phases. To ensure that all involved parties are heard, connected and protected. We operate at the heart of each project.

We make the connection between the worlds of infrastructure, technology and implementation and the world of financial investments. With complex, long-term and privately funded infrastructure projects, we can truly work our magic: we make all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Rivoir ensures a good relationship between project partners, clients, investors and banks. Together, we will find a creative, sustainable and efficient way to make any project a success.

That is our promise.

the Rivoir offer

Rivoir takes responsibility for the long-term management of infrastructure, concessions and investments. Rivoir operates in the development, construction and management phases of large, complex, privately financed infrastructure projects.

Rivoir works in a multidisciplinary and integrated way. From originating strategy to management of projects and processes and management of finance, contracts and assets. Our structured and unique way of working is known for our distinct products, results, risk management and quality assurance. Also, sustainability and governance are important pillars for our method.

Our team is experienced and has a track record in developing, financing, organizing and managing concession contracts, special purpose vehicles, financial investments and project funding in a broad range of infrastructure assets.




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A24 Blankenburg Verbinding

The A24 Blankenburg connection (‘Blankenburgverbinding’) is constructed to improve the accessibility of the Port of Rotterdam and Greenport Westland to the hinterland. This project stimulates the economy and accessibility of the entire region. The new highway connects the A15 east of Rozenburg and the A20 west of Vlaardingen. The connection will be an alternative route to the existing A4route between the Kethelplein and Beneluxplein junctions.
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  • Better accessibility of the Rotterdam region
  • Necessary connection to stimulate the economy and quality of life
  • Provided 2×3 lanes with a land tunnel and a tunnel underneath the Scheur

SAA A9 Badhoevedorp – Holendrecht

Rijkswaterstaat is further expanding the road system between Schiphol, Amsterdam, and Almere to improve local quality of life and the accessibility to the northern Randstad. The widening of the A9 between Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht is part of this prestigious Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere (SAA) program.
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  • Better accessibility of the Northern Randstad
  • Improving local quality of life
  • Broadening to 2×4 lanes and deepening the position

N18 Groenlo – Enschede

The broadening of the N18 provides an improved connection and safe living environment between the Achterhoek and the Twente region. The important goal of the 27-kilometer-long De Nieuwe Twenteroute is to keep through traffic from the centers of Eibergen, Haaksbergen, and Usselo. At Haaksbergen, the N18 passes under the track of the Museum Buurtspoorlijn.
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  • Better accessibility Achterhoek and the Twente region
  • Safer living environment in the region
  • The new Twente Route (27 kilometers)

Westland City Hall

The Westland is an economically important international region in the field of food & flowers. To modernize the housing of the municipality Westland in Naaldwijk (> 100.000 inhabitants), a new city hall has recently been realized. The House of the Community symbolizes the history and development of the municipality Westland. The town hall consists of city hall, a public center for municipality services
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  • The House of the Community: city hall and city office
  • Internationally economically important region for food & flowers