A24 Blankenburg Connection

Alexander Zoetemelk

Asset manager

The construction of the Blankenburg connection

To stimulate economic growth and accessibility of the entire region, the A24 Blankenburg Connection is being constructed. The project promotes livability while striving to preserve the natural environment. This new highway, connecting the A15 east of Rozenburg and the A20 west of Vlaardingen, will serve as an alternative route to the existing A4 route. The project mainly includes the extension of the A20 and the realization of the A24 (including the Holland Tunnel and the Maasdelta Tunnel). The new highway is scheduled to open in 2024.

Strengthening the economic region

Promoting livability

Preserving the existing nature and landscape

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Groundbreaking project

Alexander Zoetemelk, asset manager at Rivoir, highlights the A24 Blankenburg Connection as a groundbreaking initiative. It stands out for its technological innovations with the integration of two new tunnels and two major traffic junctions. Despite challenging circumstances, Rivoir ensures that the €1.0 billion in private financial resources is properly invested.

"Blankenburg is an impressive and challenging project. A technical masterpiece with two new tunnels and two major traffic junctions"

Alexander Zoetemelk, asset manager at Rivoir

Project structure

The Blankenburg Connection project is based on a long-term DBFM agreement between Rijkswaterstaat and the BAAK consortium, consisting of Macquarie Capital, InfraRed Capital Partners, Ballast Nedam and Deme. In accordance with the DBFM agreement, BAAK is responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining the project for 20 years.

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