New Amsterdam Courthouse

Jeroen Hofstra

Project Manager

Development of the New Amsterdam Courthouse

On the edge of the Zuidas, a special example of social infrastructure has been realized. Visitors are welcomed at the forecourt by a bronze artwork and a modern facade of steel and glass. The NACH consortium designed this stately building with high ceilings and a unique layout. The project emphasizes the harmony between various disciplines and roles. Safety is of great importance in this courthouse and the SPC ensures effective communication and contract compliance during all project phases. The courthouse has been operational since 2021.

Quality assurance through cohesion between technical and facility services.

Safe environment and working atmosphere in a location with an urban character.

Aesthetically and logistically challenging

real estate space
0 m2
concession life
> 0 year

Pioneering project

Jeroen Hofstra, investment manager at Rivoir, highlights the New Amsterdam Courthouse as a groundbreaking initiative. It stands out for its architectural innovations and the perfect balancing of different disciplines and needs. Despite the complex circumstances, the SPC ensures the correct alignment and compliance of contracts between all parties.

The New Amsterdam Court House is an iconic project, a beautiful example of social infrastructure.

Jeroen Hofstra (Rivoir)

Project structure

The New Amsterdam Courthouse project is anchored in a long-term DBFMO contract with the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Central Government Real Estate Agency). The consortium consists of Macquarie Capital as an investor, Heijmans as a construction company and Facilicom as a service provider. In accordance with the DBFMO contract terms, the NACH consortium is responsible for the design, construction, financing and 30-year maintenance of the project.

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